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Cervicofacial cellulitis revealing cutaneous lymphomas

Cervicofacial cellulitis revealing cutaneous lymphomas
Rev Stomatol Chir Maxillofac. 2007 Mar 29

Benbouzid MA,
Bencheikh R,
Benhammou A,
El Edghiri H,
Boulaich M,
Essakali L,
Kzadri M.
Service d'ORL et de chirurgie maxillofaciale, hopital des specialites, CHU Rabat-Sale, Maroc.

INTRODUCTION: The cervicofacial localization of cutaneous lymphomas is rare. These lymphomas usually present as a long-lasting and treatment-refractory papule or nodule. Lymphomas can also be revealed by cervicofacial cellulitis.

CASES: We report 2 cases of cervicofacial cellulitis revealing a cutaneous lymphoma. The diagnosis was proved by multiple biopsies, performed because there was no clinical improvement in spite of an aggressive and adequate antibiotherapy. Our 2 patients were treated by radio and chemotherapy.

DISCUSSION: Cutaneous lymphomas are lymphocytic proliferations stemming from cutaneous lymphoid tissue, without nodal, medullary, or visceral localization. Their clinical presentation is quite polymorphic, and cellulitis is one of the modes of revelation, especially forehead and neck localization. They have no portal of entry and are resistant to treatment. The diagnosis relies on histology, and biopsies must be performed if there is a suspicion of lymphoma. The treatment is radio and chemotherapy, and the evolution depends on the tumoral stage.

PMID: 17399753 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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