Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cellulitis Can Strike Anyone

July 13, 2006

CAPITOL HILL House Speaker Dennis Hastert has been admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital so he can be treated for a bacterial skin infection.Hastert's office says his doctor wants him to stay there through the weekend.

A spokesman says the speaker will be off his feet for at least 72 hours while he's treated with intravenous antibiotics for the infection, known as cellulitis. Hastert's office says he applied some ointment after discovering the infection on his lower left leg.

A few days later his doctor took a look at it and diagnosed it as cellulitis.

That's a skin infection which appears as a swollen, red area that feels hot and tender, and can can spread rapidly without treatment.

Hastert Leaves Hospital - Is Doing Well

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Published July 18, 2006

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- House Speaker Dennis Hastert was released from Bethesda Naval Hospital on Monday afternoon after four days of treatment for a leg infection, according to spokesman Ron Bonjean."He's doing well," Bonjean said. "He's healthy and over this."

The 64-year-old Illinois Republican was admitted to the military hospital on Thursday with a case of cellulitis, a skin infection, on his lower left leg. He was treated with intravenous antibiotics, Bonjean said.Hastert was expected to return to his office and perform his normal duties the remainder of the week, Bonjean said."The staff spent the weekend visiting him, bringing work to him," Bonjean said.Hastert has diabetes, which can lead to poor blood circulation in the extremities. The disease can cause cellulitis to spread rapidly, and consequently doctors frequently treat cellulitis aggressively in diabetics.

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